Wild Forest, an RTS game featuring fast-paced PvP battles and powered by the Ronin Network, offers Founder Key holders from Juice Team an exclusive benefit: the claim to free Wild Forest NFTs that are central to game strategy and mechanics.

The Advantage of Exclusive Wild Forest NFTs

The game’s mechanics revolve around various units, like archers and swordsmen, which players can now enhance with NFTs. Exclusive Wild Forest NFTs become a pivotal asset, potentially changing the dynamics of gameplay for the holders. By claiming these NFT packs, Founder Key holders can significantly bolster their gameplay in Wild Forest, armed with a diverse arsenal of units.

Unveiling the Exclusive Benefit

As part of the Juice Team’s commitment to providing value, Founder Key holders now have access to these essential Wild Forest NFTs. This privilege aligns with Juice Team’s vision to infuse crypto gaming with tangible rewards and player empowerment. The total value distributed assets in today’s market 1030 $RON – equivalent to over $4,000, underlining the tangible benefits of holding a Founder Key.

Founder Key Unlocks Wild Forest NFTs

Founder Key holders can claim their free NFTs on Discord, enhancing their gameplay with a diverse range of units tailored to various playstyles. These NFTs will become usable in-game, providing strategic advantages and paving the way for players to rank up and dominate leaderboards.

This integration exemplifies a new direction in gaming where digital ownership and in-game assets intersect, propelled by the Juice Team’s Founder Key NFT.

About the Founder Key

Juice Team has delivered thousands of opportunities and dollars back to its holders through free mints, whitelists and airdrops ranging from NFTs to crypto to nodes. This initiative marks more of the same in realizing the full potential of NFTs in gaming and beyond.

To learn more about the Founder Key, visit our official info page: https://www.juiceteam.io/founder-key/.

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About Wild Forest

In the realm of mobile gaming, Wild Forest stands out for its unique blend of real-time strategy and card-collecting, confined to a single screen for an intense combat experience. The game’s essence revolves around deck-building, unit management, and quick strategic decisions, pushing players to destroy the enemy’s castle before theirs falls. Players build decks that shape their battlefield tactics, starting with a balanced unit composition and evolving to more sophisticated strategies as they progress. The introduction of unit NFTs, which will be tradeable post-global launch, adds a layer of strategy and ownership to Wild Forest.

To learn more visit: https://playwildforest.io/

About Juice Team

Juice Team is a leading gaming organization founded by members pioneering at the heart of the Web3 gaming evolution since 2020. With over 400,000 followers across our content creators and strategic partnerships with more than 30 games and platforms, we have a significant footprint in the Web3 gaming industry. Our initiatives range from content creation and community building to collaborative NFT integrations into games, whitelist and game access distribution, tournament hosting, and daily gaming sessions with our many guilds.

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