Juice Team is excited to announce exclusive early access to RoboKiden for our Founder Key NFT holders. This flagship game from Elixir Games offers a unique comic-style experience with rich lore, combining original gunplay with wacky guns and cute bots. RoboKiden is a third-person shooter that merges elements of cooperative play, MOBA, and team-based strategy, providing a fun and competitive gameplay experience.

Key Details About RoboKiden

  • Game Style: RoboKiden features a comic-style experience with rich lore, making gameplay both engaging and easy to compete in.
  • Gameplay Elements: The game combines original gunplay driven by wacky guns and cute bots, integrating cooperative play, MOBA, and team-based strategy elements.
  • Platform Availability: RoboKiden will be available on PC, PS5, Switch, and Xbox X, supporting multi-platform crossplay.
  • Development Team: The game has been developed by a team with over 4 years of game development experience, including ex-Assassin’s Creed and Rainbow Six Siege team members.

Benefits for Founder Key Holders

Founder Key NFT holders will enjoy early access to RoboKiden, allowing them to experience this exciting game ahead of the general public. This exclusive access highlights the significant advantages of holding a Founder Key and staying connected to premier gaming projects.

Learn more about RoboKiden: https://www.robokiden.com

RoboKiden Official Trailer

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