The gaming NFT, Founder Key, offers access to a host of gaming experiences and rewards. Among the latest opportunities is exclusive Revomon land whitelist for their upcoming land sale.

Revomon: A New Realm Awaits

Revomon, a VR/mobile RPG, has made significant strides since its inception in 2021, amassing over 170,000 downloads. The game is carving a niche by blending the open-world exploration of titles like Palworld with the integrated functionality of blockchain technology. The upcoming land sale offers players a unique stake in the Revomon universe, where they can capture, build, and battle using their Revomon creatures to earn items and trade for $REVO, the game’s native currency.

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Exclusive Opportunity for Founder Key Holders

Founder Key holders are granted privileged access to the Revomon land sale. This access is not merely a chance to participate but a doorway to potential revenue through land ownership. Each land parcel within the Revomon world offers control over a plot in Novus, the game’s expansive realm.

Revomon Novus Official Trailer

Revomon Land Whitelist: What You Need to Know

The land parcels are categorized into 8 types across 11 biomes, with a total supply of 8000 units. Landowners benefit from a 4% commission on all transactions executed on their lands, creating a passive income stream.

Revomon Landpaper:

The Sale Mechanics

The whitelisted private sale is scheduled for April 14th at 5 PM UTC, marking the second wave of the sale—the first wave having sold out quickly. Participants in this sale get the advantage of acquiring land NFTs at a lower cost ($180 per land) compared to the upcoming public sale, which will start at a higher price point of $400 through a Dutch auction.

Participation Perks

In addition to the perks, a raffle will be hosted with several prizes. Each participant in the land sale gets 1 ticket or 1 land purchased. A total of 2,000 prizes will be available (about $20,000 USD in value).

revomon land whitelist

Land NFT Airdrop and Migration

The Sale Mechanics

Purchasing during the private sale secures an advantage due to the lower price. Post-purchase, the land NFTs will be airdropped to buyers after the public sale concludes, which begins via a Dutch auction on April 28th. The sale will be conducted on the BNB Chain, with plans to migrate to Immutable.

Holders and everyone involved in the sell should follow Revomon and join their Discord community to stay up-to-date on new information.

About the Founder Key

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