Juice Team is excited to offer our Founder Key NFT holders exclusive early tier whitelist access to the Gamestarter GameNode. This unique opportunity allows holders to become a fundamental part of the GameChain network, contributing to its operation and governance.

Key Details About Gamestarter GameNode Whitelist

A GameNode represents a fundamental component of the GameChain network, serving as a cornerstone for the blockchain’s operation and governance. It is a staked node key that validates transactions, securing the network, and ensuring the integrity of the blockchain. GameNodes validate transactions, ensuring they adhere to network protocols and consensus rules. This includes verifying transaction signatures, preventing double-spending, and checking compliance with network standards. Participating in the block production process, GameNodes contribute to the creation and validation of new blocks, which are added to the blockchain after successful validation. By participating in the consensus mechanism, GameNodes help secure the network against attacks and maintain its decentralized nature.

Join the Revolution

Juice Team has delivered thousands of opportunities and dollars back to its holders through free mints, whitelists, and airdrops ranging from NFTs to crypto to nodes. This initiative marks more of the same in realizing the full potential of NFTs in gaming and beyond.

To learn more about the Founder Key, visit our official info page: https://www.juiceteam.io/founder-key.

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About Gamestarter

Gamestarter is a blockchain-based crowdfunding platform that empowers indie game developers by providing them with the means to pre-sell unique in-game assets in the form of NFTs. The platform also features a marketplace where digital assets from successfully launched games can be traded. Gamestarter’s platform economy is driven by GAME Coin (‘GAME’), which facilitates all transactions, referral bonuses, and reward programs.

Learn more about Gamestarter: https://gamestarter.com/en

About Juice Team

Juice Team is a leading gaming organization founded by members pioneering at the heart of the Web3 gaming evolution since 2020. With over 400,000 followers across our content creators and strategic partnerships with more than 30 games and platforms, we have a significant footprint in the Web3 gaming industry. Our initiatives range from content creation and community building to collaborative NFT integrations into games, whitelist and game access distribution, tournament hosting, and daily gaming sessions with our many guilds.

To learn more visit https://juiceteam.io/.