Juice Team’s Founder Key holders can now gain exclusive early access to the “Only Up” mini-game within ChronosWorlds, as part of the anticipated Chronos World Play-To-Airdrop campaign. This access underlines the tangible benefits of the Founder Key, showcasing the team’s commitment to delivering value through unique digital experiences.

About the Game

ChronosWorlds, is a post-apocalyptic RPG – beginning with the introduction of “Only Up,” a vertical platformer mini-game, that challenges players to ascend through diverse, enemy-infested worlds.

Learn more about ChronosWorlds: https://chronosworlds.com/

ChronosWorlds Play-To-Airdrop

Founder Key owners receive early access to the beta phase of “Only Up,” before the public Play-To-Airdrop event. Scheduled to start on April 19th, 2024, this campaign promises to distribute over $1 million in rewards, providing substantial incentives for active engagement and gameplay. Those who participate in the beta before going public will gain special perks.

Join Chronos Discord for more info: https://discord.com/invite/sXJHHGpQYz

How To Participate

To participate, get your code in the marketplace on Discord. Then visit the Elixir launchpad at Elixir Games, enter your unique Founder Key access code and begin your ascent in the “Only Up” mini-game.

Closed access will be available until the campaign starts on April 19th.

ChronosWorlds Partnership with Seedify

The recent partnership with Seedify, a leading decentralized industry launchpad, significantly enhances the strategic positioning of ChronosWorlds. This collaboration supports the game’s development but also ensures its integration into broader gaming and blockchain ecosystems, maximizing outreach and investments and innovation potential.

About the Founder Key

Juice Team has delivered thousands of opportunities and dollars back to its holders through free mints, whitelists and airdrops ranging from NFTs to crypto to nodes. This initiative marks more of the same in realizing the full potential of NFTs in gaming and beyond.

To learn more about the Founder Key, visit our official info page: https://www.juiceteam.io/founder-key/.

Please contact us anytime for inquiries or more information partnerships.

About Juice Team

Juice Team is a leading gaming organization founded by members pioneering at the heart of the Web3 gaming evolution since 2020. With over 400,000 followers across our content creators and strategic partnerships with more than 30 games and platforms, we have a significant footprint in the Web3 gaming industry. Our initiatives range from content creation and community building to collaborative NFT integrations into games, whitelist and game access distribution, tournament hosting, and daily gaming sessions with our many guilds.

To learn more visit https://juiceteam.io/.