Juice Team is excited to announce that our Founder Key NFT holders will have exclusive early access to the Traveler NFT mint for Chronos Worlds. This free-to-play RPG is launching its highly anticipated Traveler NFT mint on July 3rd on MagicEden.

Key Details About the Traveler NFT Mint

  • Date and Time: The mint goes live on July 3rd.
  • Total Supply: 2,250 Traveler NFTs, with 1,566 available for minting.
  • Minting Phases:
    • ChronoList Phase: 11 AM EST to 1 PM EST.
    • Waitlist Phase: 1 PM EST until sell out.
  • Cost: The mint is free.

Exclusive Benefits for Traveler NFT Holders

Traveler NFT holders will gain access to:

  • $SPHR Airdrop: Receive airdropped $SPHR tokens.
  • Dynamic PFPs: Own dynamic profile pictures that match in-game playable characters.
  • Secret Easter Eggs: Discover hidden secrets and bonuses within the game.

Chronos Worlds is committed to bringing constant value to its holders, with more announcements about future benefits and the $SPHR token coming soon.

Learn more about Chronos Worlds: Chronos Worlds Website

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